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Summer Special for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Save Over $1,550

  • Exam and consultation
  • Any necessary 2D or 3D imaging
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Sedation Included (IV, Oral or Nitrous)
  • Post-operative follow-up appointments
  • 24/7 personal phone support from your doctor

All Included in One Fee of $2019

Special Pricing Valid Until September 30th, 2019

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When does one need their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth can cause many different problems requiring extraction. Your doctor may recommend removal to avoid or alleviate any of the following problems.

Avoid or Get Rid of:

  • Cavities
  • Excruciating Jaw Pain
  • Infection and abscess
  • Damage to nearby teeth
  • Cysts and tumors
  • Jaw fractures
  • Crowding of teeth aggravated by wisdom teeth

Gentle Extractions
Protect Oral Health

No one ever wants to lose a natural tooth. However, when badly broken, decayed or hopeless teeth threaten your oral health, letting go of these teeth is often the best course of action for your smile. These types of situations may place your smile and general health in danger if not extracted, causing pain, discomfort and embarrassment over your appearance. Gentle tooth extractions from our team of specialists eliminate the risk of further complications, and get you out of pain and back to enjoying comfortable, healthy living.

Meet Our Doctors

Drs. David A. Campbell and Alex Podaru are excited to help restore health, beauty, and confidence back to your smile! Combining many years of expertise, proven dental techniques, and minimally-invasive procedures, our doctors provide comprehensive dentistry services designed to restore the oral health and function to your smile. As top dentists of their respective classes and certified periodontists, our specialized doctors continue to improve and hone their skills in periodontology and implant dentistry by remaining active in the dental community, both locally and nationally. They, and the entire team at Lakeland Periodontics, are pleased to provide you exceptional periodontal care by years of experience and training from some of the most notable universities, organizations, doctors in dentistry today.

What to Expect at Your
Tooth Extraction Consultation

  • Assessment of medical and dental history
  • Thorough oral health evaluation
  • Any necessary digital x-ray (2D or 3D)
  • Explanation of the procedure
  • Assessment of dental history
  • Thorough explanation of ideal post-operative care

What Our Patients Say

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David A. Campbell, D.M.D., M.S
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Disclaimer: This fee may vary if we are a provider for your insurance company. If such case, we must follow their individual fee schedule for services rendered.

(Covered ADA codes: Limited exam – D0140, Pano – D0330, CT – D0383, IV – D9243, Ext simple – 7104, Ext surgical – 7210, Extraction partial impaction – 7220, Extraction full impaction – 7230, Extraction full bony impaction – 7240), Corontectomy – D7251 

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